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ماشین بسته بندی نی آشامیدنی
ماشین بسته بندی نی آشامیدنی

ماشین بسته بندی نی آشامیدنی
KD31 Single drinking straw auto packing machine is a machine for packing single straw,it can be used  paper or plastic film to packing straight straw,flexible straw,spoon straw,milk tea straw.The machine provides a high packing rate, and two-color printing capacity.It not only makes your straw packing operation easier, but also provides you with a high reliability.
1. Single drinking straw packing, printing, filling and packing, cutting at a time
2. Two colors printing device
3. Automatic product counting,
4. Packing speed can be adjusted freely, 
5. Three side sealing 
straw packing machine

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